What Ya Doin' Wednesday: Washing the dog

During the winter months you can't just wash the dogs and let them run around until they dry ... their fur freezes when you do that around here.  I'm afraid to say I speak from experience.  Our first year here was full of learning "experiences".

Luckily, we have a little doggie spa here with a self-serve wash area.   The standard poodles are too big to wash at home and take forever to dry with a standard hairdryer.  So, I'm going to the doggie spa today.  I won't look like I've gone to the spa when I get finished.  I get almost as wet as they do and the blower that fluffs up their coat does some crazy things to my hair (no pictures ... don't worry).  I've done Diva and Rocky so far this week and with Gracie's bath today I will finally be finished!!  The dogs sleep with the boys (yes, I realize we have 4 boys and 3 dogs ... I am trying hard to keep it unbalanced.  I don't want another dog!), so the boys always let me know when the dogs are ready for a little TLC in the smell good department.

If you see me today, just pretend that you didn't.  Don't make eye contact.  Don't mention my hair or the other dog's fur that is stuck to my shirt (our poodles don't shed, but I always manage to leave covered in another dog's fur).  Try not to stare at the mascara that has left me looking like a raccoon.  If you must greet me then perhaps you could just comment on how great Gracie looks ...