Two by two

It worked for Noah and the Ark and it works for our family skiing down the hill too.  On Monday we all took to the slopes and had a delightful time playing tag, picking one another up and shouting encouraging words.  

As with many things in life we had a plan ... it didn't works out, but did start out with one.  Our plan was for each parent to take 2 kids ... well, that was the original plan.  Then we modified it to be SugarBear in the lead, followed by LoveBug, then HoneyBunny, then me watching the 3 of them with JellyBean and my darling bringing up the end.  Usually HoneyBunny is ready to ski, but on Monday he just couldn't seem to get with the program.  On the other hand JellyBean was ready to go and wanted to ski with Mommy (that never happens).  

With most plans in our family there was a mid-cycle modification.  SugarBear and LoveBug stayed together, Mommy and JellyBean stayed together and bringing up the end was my darling with HoneyBunny.  So, two-by-two we made our way down the slopes.  JellyBean and I even passed SugarBear and LoveBug once when they were not paying attention.  You can imagine how excited JellyBean (our youngest) was to pass his older brothers.