Out of His Mouth: Rock Star

"Mommy, you look like a rock star!"

Yep, that is what he said to me.  These are the moments that you bottle up and save for a lifetime!

JellyBean and I often run our errands together on one of the days that he does not have daycare during the week.  He keeps me company and we spend a lot of Mommy-Son time together talking, tickling and taming life's problems.  A few days ago we had one such day when Daddy needed a new suitcase, SugarBear needed some out of the ordinary school supplies and Mommy was looking for something to wear out on a date with Daddy.

We found the suitcase, we found all the odd supplies on SugarBear's list, but I didn't have any interest in trying on clothes.  After searching the racks I found 3 possibilities and we went off to the changing room.  JellyBean promptly sat down on the bench to wait for me while I changed.  I promised to show him each outfit, even if I didn't like it, and he was satisfied to wait.

The first thing that I tried on was a black dress with shear long sleeves, a fitted bodice and a shear overskirt with velveted flowers embossed all around it that came to just above my knees (it looked a little young for me) and had a flair to it that I do not normally wear.  I almost didn't show him, but I had made a promise ... and that is when he said it.  "Mommy, you look like a rock star!"  

I heard a few women giggle and comment quietly on how they wanted to take him home with them.  I love that little guy.  I love that he is 4 years old and loves his Mom without question or reservation.  I love that he doesn't see flaws in me.  I'm lucky that God picked me to be his Mom and I bought that dress.  Just for him.  I'll wear it on a date with him in a few weeks and we will go to Starbucks.  It will be a memory I will cherish and he will probably forget, but you never know what will stick forever...