Out of His Mouth and Into My Ears

With 4 boys around me one of them is always saying something that is "note worthy".

Yesterday it was JellyBean and SugarBear that took center stage with their comments:

JellyBean's comment when asked about ski school ...

Mom:  "Did you go down the hill without the tip trainers connected to your skis?"
JellyBean:  "Yes, on the last time.  I did amazingly well"
Mom:  "Amazingly well?"
JellyBean:  "Yes, I think so.  I'm only 4 years old."
Mom:  (stunned silence ...)

SugarBear's comment on his brothers all falling asleep on the drive back from skiing today ...

SugarBear:  "With the three of them snoring around me it is like they are snoring in stereo.  I can't get away from it."