A Hurricane in the Mountains

A hurricane in the mountains?  Well, almost.  A hurricane is a tropical storm with winds reaching (and sustaining) at least 74 miles per hour.  If you think swirling snow rather than swirling rain you can conjure an accurate picture of our weather yesterday.

We had winds in excess of 75 mph (granted mostly straight winds) with the occasional swirling cyclone thrown in for a great visual effect with the snow from earlier in the week.  The roads were completely free of snow except where the wind blew a 2' snowbank across the road and the plows had to come out to remove the obstruction.  It was an interesting thing to watch and listen to during the day as long as you didn't need to get anywhere and did not need to go outside at any point.  However, as a family of 6 on the go we were out in it a lot!

We do love our mountain home, but these winds were not in the marketing information put out by the Chamber of Commerce.  Hopefully, if will go back to being peacefully still in a few days.  As for now the winds have brought in warmer weather (49 degrees right now) and all of our snow is rapidly melting away.  The good news is that the melt is helping us find those random lost gloves (always the right hand) and giving the hens a reason to come out into the yard.