Christmas Break Adventures: Paintball

Sorry for the long break, we have been having too much fun for me to write.  Let me tell you a little about what we have been up to these past few weeks.

Christmas Break Adventures Continue ...

A little over a week ago I went on a little adventure with my father-in-law, my darling husband and SugarBear to the Paintball Coliseum.  We had gone for SugarBear's birthday, but I didn't get to participate (okay, I didn't want to be shot). With the rest of the family at the house with the little boys I took the chance to jump in with the boys and see what all the fuss is about.  It was a blast!  I was covered in gunk from crawling on the floor and hiding behind the obstacles, but that I had expected.  I didn't get hit with too many paintballs, so the bruising was minimum.  However, the thing that made it all worth it were the spontaneous hugs and kisses I got from SugarBear over the last week.

When raising a family of 6 with 4 boys life gets busy and sometimes I forget to take the time to play with the kids.  Now that SugarBear is getting older the things he likes to play have changed and I simply am not very good at several of them (XBox!!), so paintball gave us an opportunity to bond again.

When we were driving to the facility he didn't want to be on my team because I had never done it before and would probably not be very good.  He said it jokingly, but as I have been reminded of late that there is much truth in the sarcasm that people hide behind.  It hurt a little because I remember a time that was not too long ago that he always wanted to be with me, but the teen years are approaching and our relationship is changing.

What is really important is that I was good at paintball.  I even won a few rounds by being the last "man" standing.  As it turns out being little is a good thing in this "sport".  My first win they all chalked up to luck, but the second was a little harder to explain as just luck.  SugarBear decided to be on my team for a few rounds and we took out the competition together.  He was delighted!  Not only did I get the typical high-5, but I got a squeezing, picked-up and carry around hug (he is getting really strong) and all this past week that has continued.  It was definitely worth a few bruises.