CASA Connections

I just finished replying to a note from our adopted sons' CASA and I am reminded just how lucky we were to have her in our lives.  After the relinquishment of parental rights she kept the case moving forward.    

Our sons were her first case.  I'm sure everyone remembers their first case in much the same way that we remember of first foster placement; even though he was only with us for a few weeks.  Firsts have a way of staying around for ever.  However, this woman really touched my heart.  She was compassionate on all sides and fiercely fought to protect the rights of the children she was assigned to protect.  She encouraged their birth mother throughout the time when it looked as though a reunification might be possible, and when the plan changed she was there as the voice insuring the best-interests of the children were never overlooked.

She is also our link to their past.  Our relationship with our sons' birth family is not as open as we had always imagined it would be.  It isn't in their best interest to share the story, but I do wish it had gone differently.  I wish for a lot of things ... like baby pictures (why do they still ask for those at school?!?).  However, when I lament the things that we have missed I am reminded of this great woman who volunteered her time to be an advocate for children in need ... for our children.

We are blessed to be able to call on her anytime, even though we are post adoption.  I know she will always answer because she is so much more than their CASA.  She is our friend.