But it bit me!

Lately we have been talking about where we would like to go this summer for our family vacation.  When we adopted the boys one of the goals that we had was to give them many memories of time spent together seeing new places to solidify us as a family.  This is the year to move beyond trips to see the grandparents and onto "Memories Made by the Six of Us".

Before we adopted the younger boys we took SugarBear to see lots of interesting things and places.  Some were exotic, some were historical and some were ... well keep reading for his view.

A little background ...
It isn't always easy to find a somewhat economical family vacation destination that will blow their socks off even with my darling husband's many airline miles and bank of free hotel nights.  Part of the problem is the age range of our children ... JellyBean is still too young to do most things.  He is only 4, where SugarBear is already 12 and getting more independent every day.  Horseback riding - nope, river rafting - no one under 6, cruise - too expensive, Disney - waiting in line with 4 kids (!!??!!), Yellowstone - hike with a 4 yr old ... not for very far ... hmmmm ....

What if we took a look at the vacations we took with SugarBear when he was JellyBean's age?  Sounds good.  What about going back to San Diego?  Still sounds good.  The boys love LEGOS, so a visit to Legoland could be great, I love the San Diego Zoo and we had a lot of fun with Sugar Bear at Sea World.  He was actually the kid picked from the audience to be on stage during the Dolphin Show.  Let's ask them.

JellyBean:  "I love the zoo.  Can we go today?"  
Okay JellyBean is onboard ...

HoneyBunny:  "A whole place about LEGOS?  Can I touch them?"
Another positive response ... we are past the 50% approval rating

LoveBug:  "Do they have sharks?  Can I watch it eat something  Can I get another shark tooth necklace?"
Checked the site ... they have sharks ... up to a 75% approval, now for the sure thing.  SugarBear loved our trip to SeaWorld ... right?

SugarBear:  "Are you kidding me?  That dolphin bit me.  It left a scare on my finger!  Why would you want to go back?  Do you want to feed the rest of me to the dolphin?"
... problem ... thinking .... thinking ... "you were only 4 years old when the dolphin bit you," (I may have forgotten to tell our readers that the performers told SugarBear to squeeze out the fishes guts for the dolphin and he tried and refused to let go of the fish until he succeeded, but the dolphins didn't understand and grabbed the fish anyway almost pulling him into the pool)

 SugarBear:  "Okay, we can go back, but I am NOT feeding the dolphins again!"