Back to School

I can remember when I was a child at home for Christmas Break enjoying my time away from school, but at the same time missing my friends.  I was almost always ready to go back to school when the break neared it's end.  I was even excited about opening up my books again or starting new classes in college and law school.  In this area my children are not like me at all.

Today the kids went back to school under protest.  SugarBear asked me to consider homeschooling them.  Not because of the great educational opportunities, but because then he could spend more time with his brothers.  SugarBear and LoveBug have become quite close lately which is amazing due, in part, to their 5.5 year age gap.  We really had a great break with fewer than normal fights.  Especially the last week of the break - the boys were a dream!

While our family was in town for Christmas the two oldest boys and two youngest boys shared rooms allowing our guests to have the remaining bedrooms.  I was grateful for the ability to split HoneyBunny and JellyBean back into their respective rooms when our guests went home.  It isn't that the boys don't enjoy each other.  In fact they do a great deal, but JellyBean talks in his sleep - really he moans - and that makes it difficult for anyone to share a room with him.HoneyBunny was a bit sleep deprived the entire time we had guests and it was really starting to show by the end of their stay.  When our guests returned home I really expected SugarBear and LoveBug to return to their rooms as well, but they asked to keep their shared sleeping quarters and bunked down in LoveBug's room.  It is so wonderful to watch our boys continue to bond to one another and grow to really love and depend on one another.