We Call It Home

One of my favorite things about living in the mountains is the opportunity that my children get to experience the world that God created for our joy in a new and different way than they did in the city.  Many of our friends don't understand why we decided to move to a place that experiences such cold winters (today it is -1) with all of the snow, but what they don't understand are the benefits of living here either.  (It isn't always that cold.  Today there were definitely an edge to the cold.)

A few reasons ...
I thought I slept well when it rained, but nothing compares to the sleep that I get during a snowfall.

Today my darling husband and I dropped off the kids and then hit the slopes for a few runs before it was time to pick up the kids.  It was a great "date day".

And then there is the wildlife ...

You may remember that last Wednesday I was waiting around to see if we would get the snow that was forecasted.  It was a day late, but it did arrive.  It has snowed a little each day since and we are probably up to around a foot by now.  It isn't stressful.  The pace of life here is different.  No one is tardy to school when it snows; you just get there when you can or leave when you need to leave.  You give the snowplows the right-of-way because without them we would be homebound, but with them we get around just fine.  But best of all are that God's creatures come out to play and they don't even mind when we stop to watch on the way home from school.

These are from last Friday's trip home