My Indestructible Wedding Ring

My wedding ring has super powers.  No, it doesn't shot out laser beams or anything that exciting.  However, it did recently save my finger and sacrificed itself in the process.

Allow me to explain ...

In the master suite of our home we have pocket doors going into the bathroom.  I'm not sure why, we don't have pocket doors anywhere else in the house.  They are what separates me from 4 little boys when I need just a little privacy.  If we were to install them they would be as light as air and glide like they are on clouds, but we did not install them.  Instead, they are solid wood, heavy and difficult to close at times.  That is until you get  them moving, then they roll like a freight train.

A few weeks ago I was distracted while closing the door and it slammed shut across my left hand.  I held my breath to stop from saying anything I would have to explain to the kids and looked down at my hand only to see my left ring finger turning purple.  It seems my wedding ring absorbed most of the blow and had been flattened.  I managed to turn the ring and wiggle it over my knuckle, but the damage to the ring was significant.  I'm certain that if I had not had my ring on I would have broken my finger at the knuckle and with my life-style I really can't be short a hand and could use an extra one most days.

Amazingly, the jeweler was able to put it back together again.  I picked it up on Wednesday and it looks just as beautiful as it did the day we picked it out many years ago.  My darling husband has asked that I try to be a little more careful since I have broken it twice within the last three years.  I'll try, but I can't make any promises.