A Human Life ...

"A human life is a story told by God."  by Hans Christian Andersen

The minister that performed our marriage ceremony years ago lost his son on December 9th and today is the funeral.  This couple is very dear to my heart.  Years ago they yearned for the feeling of a child within their arms and had that yearning fulfilled through the promise of adoption.  As an adoptive parent myself I feel a unity with them.  They watched their child grow into a man who crossed many hurdles and stumbled at times and now he has crossed his final hurdle.
My heart is broken for them.  I've prayed that God would rain down His Grace and Strength upon them for weeks now; especially today, and for the weeks ahead during this normally festive time of year.  I hope that time comes to reveal each shed tear as a love letter sent ahead of them into eternity and each good memory of their son (and brother) becomes a treasure that they store within their hearts.
A parent should never have to bury their child.  It happens all too often.  It has nearly crushed everyone I've seen it happen to in my small world.  I'm not able to attend the services, but my thoughts are with them.  Not only have I known this dear couple for years because they were there on our wedding day, but they are also the parents of my sister-in-law who is now left without her sibling.  She stayed by his bedside awaiting a miracle, but in the end his pain could only be healed in Heaven.