Family Far, Far, Away

I've just finished my Christmas shopping for my brother's family and realized that shopping on-line and shipping the gifts directly to my family is not quite as much fun as walking through the isles, looking for the perfect gift and then packing it away for some date in the future when we would see them.
I haven't seen my brother's family on Christmas Day in years, but we normally saw them within the month or so after.  This is the first year that is not true, but it is the price we pay for picking up and moving a few states away.  Thank goodness for $.97 shipping with Walmart and Amazon Prime shipping.  Without them a significant portion of the gift budget would have gone to shipping expenses, but with them I am free to buy what I really want for my family.  I hope they like it all!  Maybe I will even get a few pictures of them using what we have sent (hint, hint ...)