Christmas In A Song

With 4 children the last week of school before Christmas break is full of Christmas programs and lots of singing.  With much singing comes much practice and many more things to add to our calendar to get accomplished within the weeks prior to the last week, but also the reward of a great performance.  Each morning before school we sat in the parking lot and sang the songs they would be singing in church on Sunday.  I loved the effect it had on the boys.  They were smiling and skipping as they got out of the car and walked into class.

LoveBug and HoneyBunny were in the same production at school.  They sang a selection of Christmas, Hanakkah and "winter" songs, but I was impressed by the overtly religious overtones in this public school's production.  In a day when children are often asked to remove their cross necklaces and suspended from school when they pray in the lunchroom it is good to see that there is a definite benefit to this small town living thing on which we have embarked.

JellyBean's Christmas program would have been much the same, but unfortunately he had a cold and I kept him home for the sake of the others.  (A cold which he has lovingly shared with me!  Of course, he is better now and I still have the sniffles ...)  He sang the songs to me at home and sulked about missing out on the opportunity to perform.  It is good to know he isn't shy!  He even sang in the grocery store.  I must admit that I really expected him to bow when he was finished - okay, maybe it wasn't quite that overt - but almost.

My SugarBear has moved beyond the age of elementary school productions and onto the time when his last week of school is filled with exams (5 in the last week!), but he did participate in our church's Christmas Choir celebration.  Our 3 oldest were up on the stage along with 5 other children today and sang their hearts out for our God and our congregation.  My heart was touched by the sound of such sweet and pure voices.  In this age of technology a couple of the moms pulled out their iphones and captured the entire performance.  I can't wait to share it with their spouses one day!