Baking for 4

I love this time of year, but with 4 kids in school the demand for home baked goods is getting a little outrageous.  I should take it as a compliment that my children prefer my baking to that of boxed mixes and I do, most of the time.
I'm currently in the kitchen cranking out 2 dozen sugar cookies for HoneyBunny's class and a second gluten free pecan pie.  The sugar cookies are going to be slice and bake with just a little touch of Mom added in since I got such a great deal on them using the Thanksgiving sale and a doubled coupon.  They were almost free and definitely cheaper that the ingredients would have been.  Which is good and makes up for the cost of the pecan pie.  Especially since I have to make a second one.  SugarBear had asked me to make a pie for one of his teachers who had mentioned that he loves pecan pie; what I found out later is that it is a gluten free family.  Thus, my first attempt at a gluten free pie crust from scratch.  It was okay, but not great and the pie wasn't very "pretty" either.  When SugarBear saw it this morning he looked less than excited and I volunteered to make another which lit up his face.
It will be out of the oven in a little over an hour with fresh baked cookies on the side as I make my way up, around and over the mountain between our house and their school.  Wish me luck!