Our Prayer Wall

Our Prayer Wall

I took down our prayer wall today, so that we can do it again sometime soon.  It has been up for a few months and is something that we did during our family devotion one night that encouraged the kids to really think about what they were thankful for in the form of PRAISES (pink heart sticky notes) and what they needed to trust God to handle in the form of PRAYER REQUESTS (white heart sticky notes).  (Also, I blurred all the other pictures on purpose).

Here are their PRAISES:
Our land to play on together
Outside toys
Our trip to Texas
Daddy's extra checks and good job
Food & House
Making us a family
Keeping Daddy safe
The Creation Story

Here are their PRAYER REQUESTS:
Take our time and think about our work
Being kind
Having fun as a family
Being compassionate
Wednesday night Bible study
Help Daddy take care of us
Help Mommy & Daddy be ready for their trip
Daddy's work
Being quiet in class
Doing well in school
Daddy to have a safe trip

As I typed each of these praises and prayers I was reminded of the things that were going on in their little lives and my heart swelled with the realization that they were growing and learning to trust God with their biggest problems.