New Love

I have a new love in my life.  Of course, I still love my darling husband and children, but this new love came as a surprise.  It is a sink.  Yes, the kitchen sink.

She may not look like much to you, but after fighting battle after battle to remove stains from the original sink and never having enough room for all of the dirty dishes in previous sinks the vast, deep well of this sink lightens my heart.  Entire pans fit in with ease.  In fact, while I am cooking I no longer wash as I go, but instead fill the sink with the discards of my labor, serve a hot meal and then do the dishes.  I never could relax while the dishes were sitting all over the countertops, but somehow knowing that they are awaiting me in the sink seems appropriate and now I take more time to relax.

The best part is that she was free.  The contractor that did our countertops had this extra sink in his shop, left over from a previous order where the homeowner changed their mind about the sink, and he threw it in for free when he quoted the job.