JellyBean's Christmas Shopping

This past Friday JellyBean and I took the opportunity to get his Christmas shopping done.  We were at Costco and he fell in love with some felt socks and when they were not available in his size he decided he should get them for everyone in his family (that they would fit) for Christmas.  So, Mommy, Daddy and SugarBear will be the happy owners of some very soft and very warm socks on Christmas Day.  He then went on to find a book just perfect for HoneyBunny about the Human Body and another book about Sharks for LoveBug.

I had fun shopping with him and talking about what everyone would like, but nothing compared to seeing the sparkle in his eyes as he picked out his gifts to give.  He told anyone that would listen why he had picked each specific gift.  His eyes are so dark that when they sparkle it is like starlight on a moonless night.  Gorgeous!  He is going to break a few hearts in his life I am afraid.