From the Hunt to the Table, Dinner is Served

There is something that is wholly fulfilling knowing that you are able to quite literally put food on your family's table.  It is the return to that very basic instinct to hunt and gather that God placed within us after our exile from the Garden.

Last week SugarBear and my Darling Husband went Pheasant and Chucker hunting.

SugarBear wasted no time taking down the first two birds with only two shots fired.  (He really is that great of a marksman at age 11.  He only missed when he over thought and aimed too much).  My Darling was not to be out done by our son and caught up quickly.  On and on they went until they were exhausted from the walk and had enough meat for the table.

The little boys and I enjoyed listening to their stories almost as much as we enjoyed eating the pheasant and chucker and it was a great time of bonding for the two of them.  We we cut into strips, battered and fried (chicken tender style) and served with a quinoa salad.  It was delicious!  Really.  In fact, HoneyBunny asked to have the leftovers for breakfast.

Most of the dinner conversation centered around when the younger boys would get to start hunting with their Dad and older brother and when we can have our greenhouse built to start growing our own produce (currently forecasted for late spring 2012).  I would have never imagined it, but the kids have a real sense of pride around our "farm fresh eggs" and are looking forward to "garden fresh veggies".