And The Home Renovations Continue ...

We we found our house we knew there were things we wanted to change.  It is almost 50 years old and although she wears her age well a little cosmetic help was in order for the kitchen.

This was our kitchen at 9am yesterday morning.  What you cannot see in the picture is that the butcher's block has been well used.  It featured scores of knife marks that oiling the block did not even begin to heal, but the area more in need of renovation was the countertops.  They were 9"X9" white tiles with very wide grout lines.  Over the years the grout had bee stained, bleached and stained again.  It really dated the kitchen.

Out with the tile countertops ... dust in the air (again) and on everything else (again) ...

Our new granite countertops were installed and the kitchen was back to normal around 9pm.  Amazing transformation, don't you think?

When I took the after picture I was frantically preparing for the surprise birthday party I had put together for my darling husband (note the pot on the stove full of chili).  He had to run to HomeDepot (30 minutes away) for a few more plumbing parts and almost missed his entire party!  

I had never managed to surprise him with a party and this year he was quite surprised when he walked in the door loaded down with parts to finish installing the new faucet and was greeted by some of our closest friends (as an added bonus they helped install the faucet).  I didn't plan for the countertop install to be on his birthday, but when the contractor changed our delivery date I couldn't cause much of a fuss or I would risk letting my darling discover my plans.