Pumpkin Pie

A few weeks ago we went with some friends to the pumpkin patch and had a delightful time selecting the perfect pumpkins and running amuck in the corn maze.  They have all boys as well and when you mix our boys and their boys together their is far too much energy and we often leave a place looking like a small bomb may have gone off.  Fortunately, we contained them just enough to get through the pumpkin selecting and make our way back home.

The boys were exhausted and settled down for a nap after we got home and had lunch.  While they were sleeping I decided to tackled a project.  I've made pies before, but I had never made a pumpkin pie completely from scratch.  Yes, I'm talking pick the pumpkin out of the patch and turn it into something edible.  As it turns out it isn't very difficult.

Here is our little pumpkin after a dry sauna of 375 degrees for 90 minutes.

After it cooled off a bit I sliced it in half, removed the seeds and then measured out the pulp that I needed.  I added all the other ingredients to the pulp to make the pie filling and then I got to work on the crust.  

It had been AGES since I had made a crust from scratch, but thankfully baking is just like science with very predictable results when using tried and true steps.  The crust was light and flakey and the pie filling was delightful!

Awaiting the boys when they woke up was a freshly baked pie and a play date scheduled with our friends to carve our pumpkins.  I wish I had taken a picture of that mess.  That was where the bomb went off and we are very blessed to have good friends that allowed us into their kitchen to make such a mess!  There were people standing on chairs, seeds everywhere and 8 massive Jack-O-Lanterns  when we were finished.