A New Tradition?

In preparation for the upcoming ski season we were able to get all of the children enrolled in ski school, but there was a catch.  That catch being that the best fit for our family is the Sunday full-day classes.  Now, that led us to another problem.  We can't teach our children that it is acceptable to put God in second place and go skiing instead of going to church, but thankfully our church had started having a Saturday evening service.
We have attended the Saturday service for the last two weeks to make sure it would be a fit for our family and have been very pleasantly surprised to find out that Saturday night just might be a better fit than Sunday morning.  The praise team on Saturday night reminds me more of the music from the church we had attended for many years before moving and we had missed it terribly.
It is a bit difficult to find the right rhythm for a Saturday night service that starts at 6pm when our family typically eats around 6:30pm and our younger children have absolutely no memory of eating a meal even when they are carrying their empty plates to the dishwasher.  Inevitably as we are walking out of church one of the little ones asks what we are going to have for dinner and we remind them what we have already HAD for dinner.
Wishing to be a bit more proactive this week and being a family rich with traditions we decided to (maybe) start a new tradition.  We had our dinner as originally planned before leaving for church services and then we had dessert when we got back home.  Last night we had peach pie a la mode.  Everyone was very excited about getting to have dessert because we don't have many sweets in our home.  In fact, JellyBean was so excited about having pie that after he had finished what he wanted of his slice he looked at me and asked, "when do we get to have pie?".  I reminded him that he had just eaten his (he only ate the peaches from the center and the ice cream) and he replied, "Oh, yeah."  "Can I go to bed now?"
Poor little JellyBean.  He was so tired he didn't remember the pie that he was probably still chewing.