Friendships And The Refreshment They Give To Life

Over the weekend we had some good friends come to stay with us for a few days.  We shared stories and updated one another on all the important things going on in our separate families, but the most important thing we shared were loads of laughter.  Isn't is amazing how laughter is like a tonic for the soul.  I tend to wake up in a brand new world everyday starting out fresh, but listening to my darling husband tell stories about all the funny things that have happened reminded me of the humor that weaves itself through the fabric of our family.  It was like a bird's eye view of the last year at warp speed that was something akin to the old TV show "Green Acres".  Of course, it is very helpful that he is a good story teller too.

Our friends loved it here and have stated their intention to move to the area (although they didn't see a single elk during their entire stay - it sounds like they still had fun).  We have learned that most people that do come to visit are drawn in by the beauty of the area and start weaving a plan for a future visit if it isn't possible to move here.  After all, that is what happened to us when we came to visit some friends.  We went back home and put our house on the market.  We were here within the year.

We are really looking forward to the possibility that our friends will join us here and to help it along we have all of our fingers and toes crossed.  It is such a change of pace from the Metroplex in which we lived last year.  I caught them chuckling several times as we walked down to check on the hens, made breakfast with farm fresh (sometimes still warm) eggs, sat around the fire pit at night looking up at the stars and retold the stories of our "wildlife experiences" around the house.

This place does change a person.  My darling husband bought me my very own pocket knife over the weekend.  It is actually a bit of a thing of necessity around here and he was tired of me borrowing his without returning it.  When I look back on who I was a year ago I can't imagine that I ever considered carrying a knife in my pocket every day.  The sight of me with my knife opening fruit for the hens was almost too much for one of our friends and I thought he might fall out of the porch swing consumed with his fit of laughter.

It is a different life, it is a good life and it is a life I love sharing with our friends.