Adoption Anniversary

How do you celebrate an adoption anniversary?

That question has as many answers as there are families who have adopted, but for us we started a few new traditions.

I try to take family pictures each year and they typically end up being in the late summer or early fall, so for the last several years since the boys were placed with us we have had a chronicle of how our family changed since the previous year in our family photos.  It seems fitting that we would take what we have done in the past near their adoption anniversary and turn it into an adoption tradition - FAMILY PICTURE DAY.

We were all dressed up in our jeans and sweaters (seriously ... we live in the mountains with 3 dogs and 12 chickens - how dressed up did you expect us to get?) for our family pictures when the boys came up with another idea.  They wanted to go out to a "fancy" restaurant.  So, after we finished with our tripod and camera remote we loaded ourselves into the car and drove to a local nice restaurant.  The lighting was dim, soft music played in the background and the menu didn't include anything under $15.00 and most things were over $25.00!

The boys had a delightful time and my darling husband and I enjoyed watching our children work on their table manners and have a taste of the not-so-simple life.  Our server asked if we were celebrating anything  (I guess it is not just every day that a family with 4 children walks in dressed in coordinating sweaters and drops that kind of money on a meal).  She seemed touched to have the opportunity to share in our Adoption Anniversary Celebration and the boys were fussed over appropriately.  Their water glasses were never empty and their plates magically disappeared when their food was gone.  We did have to remind the younger ones several times to lower their voices since they were a bit excited, but their excitement reminded me that I should take a step back from life and look at how far these little children have traveled in such a short time.  We are truly blessed to be a family.