1st Snow - October 8, 2011

Yesterday was our first snow of the season.

I took this picture at about 7am and it snowed on and off again for most of the day.  Since it was a Saturday the little boys took it as a cue to have a lazy day and stayed in their PJs all day long either playing in the playroom, lounging in front of the fire or piling on top of Dad. SugarBear had other plans and he and a friend spent the majority of the day testing out the endurance of his new snow/ski clothing by building snow forts, sledding and having a generally great time in the snow.  I am happy to report he stayed relatively dry and warm all day.

The hens did not share in our excitement about the snow.  When we opened the door to let them out they just didn't go.  Their water had been frozen a few days before, so I had ordered a heater and new water fountain to put in their coop.  Although I really wanted to play in the snow too, the animals have to be cared for first.  We installed the new heater and water fountain for the girls and let them out under the shelter of the barn for some scratching and pecking.  They were the funniest creatures to watch. They were tempted by the sweet green grass they could see, but just could not overcome that white stuff to get to it.  I finally took pity on them and tossed them some cracked corn before going out and pulling the grass for them.  One would have thought they would have been happy with that, but for the first time since we brought the girls home they didn't lay a single egg.

Today, most of the snow has melted and everyone is a little sad (except the hens), but there is more that is sure to come.  We are looking forward to a winter in the mountains filled with snow, sledding and skiing.  On a positive note the girls did decide to lay again today and we collected 6 eggs.