Getting ready to go, while leaving the kids at home

When my darling husband and I started planning our 15 year anniversary trip we thought it would be easier if we planned it for the fall after school had started, so the kids would be busy and on a regular schedule.  What I did not consider was how busy we are during the school year, how I just manage it and the difficulty of getting it all written down in a manner that someone else could follow.

During the week that we have been gone there was or will still be all the regular getting the 4 kids to school (drop-off and pick-up is different for each one), sports, music, studying for test and getting homework done in addition to the special things only for the week we are gone.  Of course, we didn't know it when we planned the trip last May, but this is also school picture week, our 6th grader's overnight science camp and a few other special activities that I keep getting emails about.  It is a good thing that we have the technology to keep up from afar (and that we didn't go out of the country as we had originally planned).  Then there are the dogs, hens and house to take care of too.

We are fortunate to be blessed with grandparents that understand how important it is for Mom and Dad to get away together and are willing to step in and play me while I am away with my darling.  It has been a good trip. We have had the chance to talk about important things without little hands tugging on us and it sounds like the kids are having fun without us too.

The jury is still out as to whether or not we would vacation during this part of the year again.  Partially, we are awaiting the grandparents review upon our return, but we also need to see how it worked out for the kids.  As difficult as it was to prep for the vacation, get it all written down and to keep up from afar; the kids still have their schedules to follow and that schedule is very important to at least 1 of them.  He does far better when he knows what to expect and there is order to his day.  Also, there is the fact that because we are traveling in the fall the weather is temperate and there are not children running all around us.

I'll let you know how the decision goes, but one thing is certain we will always try to get away for a week without the kids.  We chose one another because we absolutely love to spend time together and it is even more important as our family grows and pulls us in different directions.