Getting back to the routine

Well, we have been back from our vacation for 5 days now, but I am only now fully back on schedule.

It took me a day or two to remember exactly how to get each lunch packed with food allergy awareness, include wholesome snacks in their backpacks (or for the entire preschool class), feed them a hot breakfast, get the homework completed and make it to lacrosse practice while concealing my Wonder Woman cape beneath my bulky t-shirt.  In all honesty, I got it done last Thursday and Friday, but at the cost of my own appearance.

This Monday and Tuesday I seem to be back on track.  It is all done.  No one cried and I even had the time and composure to have an impromptu conversation with the school Director after he observed the 1st grade class and was deeply concerned by LoveBug.

Our little LoveBug loves attention and having the Director in class to observe the teacher was just a little more temptation than he could withstand.  He acted out in class in a way that we have not seen since the first week of school.  His teacher assured the Director that this is not his normal behavior on most days, but at the same time I think it is good for them to see how our little one continues to struggle and how hard he is trying.  He still doesn't distinguish between negative and positive reinforcements and is in almost constant attention seeking mode.  He masks it well, but it is still there.

Back to my ROUTINE you ask?  Yes, my life wouldn't be "routine" without constant interruptions to my schedule requiring great flexibility.  I believe it is God testing me and strengthening me (some would say refining, but that involves fire and I don't like fire outside of a fireplace much) for the next hurdle that will be in our path.

Cheers to being back to the routine of our life.