Fun for the Family Friday

When you live in the mountains where we have snow from October to May it is highly recommended that you ski or snowboard in order to get out in that white stuff and play.  Of course, there are other things you can do in the snow too, but we happen to be a family that enjoys skiing.

My darling husband, SugarBear and myself already ski, but LoveBug, HoneyBunny and JellyBean didn't live with us with SugarBear and I learned to ski.  Thus, they missed that ship.  Really, they would have been too young (or not born yet) to have learned then, so they are learning now.  Ski lessons are expensive.  Ski equipment is expensive.  Now that I think about it this hobby is quite expensive for a family of 6, but then again most things are expensive for this many people.

"Expense" brings me to my next point ... sales.  It is still the middle of summer for most of the states, but we are already beginning to cool down.  Our Labor Day sales are full of snow gear; not swimming suits.  Last weekend we picked up Sorel boots for the kids at less than $8 per pair (they are normally around $60) and earlier this week my darling and I registered for a VIP Invitation Sale that gave us access to ski equipment at a great savings.  We have now outfitted our family is ski apparel and clothing for the cost of a small sedan.  We also learned about programs for the kids that allow us to turn in their ski equipment each year and size up for a nominal fee.  Hopefully, this will be our most expensive year and the only thing we will need next year are ski passes and a few odds and ends.

All the expense will be worth it when I see my little ducklings going down the hill.  I'm planning on taking loads of pictures this year as they make their way around the mountain in the clumsy way that ski boots command.  Then I am planning to use those photos to blackmail them into coming home to ski with me when they are away in college.  I can only hope that by the time they are grown they will have such a love for the sport that they will return home season after season and let me come along for the ride.

Raising boys is an adventure I wouldn't change for anything!