What Ya Doin' Wednesday

Well Child Visits.

It is probably time for them to all have booster shots, but we won't know that until they receive the doctor's file from their previous doctor.  Until then it is just making sure they are healthy and growing at an appropriate rate.

Everyone is healthy and on track.

The staff at the doctor's office was amazed by the size of our family.  The type of your-dog-has-3-heads amazement.  We ONLY have 4 kids.  We have had more in the past.  You should have seen us at the vet for the dog's last visit.  We had all 3 dogs and all 4 boys.  They didn't seem to find it odd at all.  I wonder if the vet can see my children too.  His staff is great and he is very efficient.  Hmmm.  The things that I ponder.


  1. It's funny that in my previous life (*grin*), I constantly heard people commenting that 3 or more kids was a HUGE family. In the military, I stand out because I only have one, and I know several families that have 4. Just a week ago I was picking up a friend from the airport, and I saw a mom walking through with her EIGHT children. A airport staff person asked her the typical "are they all yours?", and she replied "yes, we are VERY blessed!". I loved it, and I wanted to run after her and say so and compliment her beautiful multi-colored family, but I literally would have had to jog and I thought that would be a little scary for her ;)


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