Through Their Eyes Thursday

JellyBean:  "Are worms good?"
Mommy:  "Good to eat?"
JellyBean:  "No, good to be in the ground and not sting people."
Mommy:  "Worms don't sting."
JellyBean:  "Then worms are good."
Mommy:  "Chickens think that worms taste good."
JellyBean:  "Does it make them taste like worms?"
Mommy:  "No."
JellyBean:  "Okay, I'll still eat chicken and I will tell Daddy not to step on them."
Mommy:  "Daddy steps on the chickens?"
JellyBean:  (laughing) "No, on the worms."
Mommy:  "Oh, okay."
JellyBean:  "I will tell Daddy not to step on the worms because the chickens like to eat them when he gets home."
Mommy:  "Chickens only like to eat worms when Daddy is home?"
JellyBean:  (short fit of laugher) "No, Daddy only steps on worms when he is home.  Chickens always eat worms"

My favorite thing about watching my children grow up is the funny conversations we sometimes have with one another.  I love hearing what is going on behind those beautiful brown eyes.