Through Their Eyes Thursday

JellyBean:  "Can I have a drink Mom?"
Mom:  "Sure, if you remember to use your manners."
JellyBean:  "Can I have a drink, please?"
Mom:  "Yes you may."

(Pause while he drinks)

JellyBean puts his cup down on the kitchen island like you might see a cowboy in an old western do in a saloon and says, "I like milk.  I need more."

I refill his glass and after he consumes it, he puts the now empty (X2) glass on the island again with an, "Ahhh.  I'm good now."

Wow, how far we have come from the first time I gave he and his brothers a glass of milk for our first dinner together after placement when LoveBug stared at his glass of milk and asked, "Do I get to drink it all?  Is it ALL for me?"  I remember that my words failed me and I just nodded my head.


  1. Just thinking about that brings tears to my eyes again. God has used you in some amazing ways to bring a world to those boys that they never knew existed. You are an inspiration and a beautiful example of not putting God in a box. (Not that we didn't try to!) :)

  2. As I recall I had a very good friend help me see just how big God could be in my life and it lead to us opening our home to the 3 children that we adopted. Lucky for them that she was around to hold my hand and encourage me all along the way. Thanks for still being that encouraging voice.


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