Through Their Eyes Thursday

HoneyBunny:  "Mommy, I feel like I am in a dream".

Mommy:  "Really.  Why?"

HoneyBunny:  "I never get to do things like this.  I like looking at fancy things".

We were in a resale shop.  Grant you it was whimsically decorated, but ...  That is my little SugarBear.

He is sensitive and likes to dream of fancy things.  We were shopping in the kitchen area for other people's discarded gadgets that we could put to use.  I had also been shopping for a new sun hat which he enjoyed very much.  Unfortunately, they only had 1 and it wasn't what I was looking to find.  What we did find were baskets to take down with us each day to collect the eggs.  You would have thought he had found the gold at the end of the rainbow in those baskets.