Thoughtful Birthday Gifts

I love giving gifts to my kids, but I also like getting gifts from my kids.  My darling husband and I both work to encourage the children to think about the person they will be giving a gift to and to consider what that person likes the most.

Recently, I had a birthday and my darling did exactly what we always do and encouraged the boys to think about what I like to do.  They did a great job.  I now have tulip bulbs to plant, new work-out clothes to get me moving and a delightful candle to help me relax.

However, each time the boys get their head together to talk about gifts we are always taken back to the first birthday they celebrated with me after the little ones were placed with us.  They had been with us for a few months when my birthday rolled around.  We had already celebrated two of theirs and although getting and receiving gifts was a new concept for them they were catching on fast.  My darling asked the boys to think about what Mommy likes the most and they all came up with ideas for gifts, but it is HoneyBunny's idea that will always be remembered.

HoneyBunny announced he had the BEST gift for Mommy.  A bag of salad!  He always saw Mommy eating salads and she always tried to get everyone to eat their salad, thus she must love salad.  He was so proud of himself.

I can't remember what he actually got for me after Daddy talked him out of the salad.  I secretly wished that he had gotten me the salad because that was his original idea, but my darling explained to him that it wouldn't be good after being wrapped up in a box for a few days.  However, it has now become a silly tradition for me to guess what is in each box or bag and when I get to HoneyBunny's gift I always guess salad first which sends everyone into fits of laughter.

Now that I think about it, I fully expect to receive salad from him one year since he shares his Dad's sense of humor.  If the tulip bulbs that HoneyBunny got for me this year (because Mommy loves tulips) are any indication I should expect to receive packets of seeds one year and a grow light.