A Proud Mommy Moment

I hold each of my children to a high bar and often wonder if I am too hard on them.  Inside my little head is a constant voice reminding me to be compassionate, not quash their spirit, to awaken their dependance on Christ and the little voice goes on and on (it has SO much to say!)  Every day I wonder who they will be as adults and hope that I am doing what I should as a parent to get them ready for that task.

What is my "proud Mommy moment" you ask?  Let me tell you.  It is about my LoveBug.  He made his bed all by himself today.  I'm not talking he pulled the sheets up and put the pillows on.  No, the sheets were all piled on his bed and he took the fitted sheet and put it on, then put the flat sheet and finished with his blanket on top.  It wasn't perfect, but it was REALLY close.

You see in our house once a child is potty-trained (around 2 years old depending on the child) they then become responsible for their night-time accidents.  I've found that when they are responsible for part of the solution our instances of bedwetting dramatically decrease.  (Especially those instances that are purposeful or due to laziness and in our house that is a reality from time to time.)  It isn't easy at first, but it is worth the pay-off for me.

If they have an accident it isn't a big deal.  Their mattresses are all protected by waterproof mattress covers and I teach them how to strip the bed, carry the linens to the laundry room, place them in the washer and then wipe down their mattress cover.  I usually take over and wash and dry the sheets, but it is up to them to make their bed again.  I often help, but since LoveBug is 6 years old now I thought he is old enough to give it a try unaided.  I am SO proud of him.  He didn't complain at all and when he finished he was proud of himself too.

He is growing up and at least I know he will be able to make his bed as an adult.