Our Weekly Grocery List

In the past we have always kept a small notepad and pen near our refrigerator for keeping track of the things that we need to pick up at the store.  It worked.  It wasn't great.

I often forgot something at the store and had to go back, but now that the grocery store is around 30 minutes away I have found that I modify our menu before returning to the store again.  My darling husband likes to grocery shop.  I mean he REALLY enjoys it, so he runs to the store for me anytime he can.  I know.  It sounds great, but we often end up with a few items that were not on the list that fall into his "just in case" category.  At one point we had 3-4 boxes of waffle mix that were never on the grocery list.

Today I finally sat down and made a (somewhat) comprehensive grocery list that we can use to check things off before going out the door to the store.  Hopefully, it will remind me to check things like, "how many chicken breasts do we have?" and "do we have enough syrup to have waffles if the boys all have a friend over for a sleep-over?"

I'm sure I am still missing a few things that I will be adding to the list over time, but this is a good start.  Now on to make those baby gifts that my darling just asked about ...