Goodbye quirky girl

Today we re-homed our little White Crested Polish hen.  She just had lost some of her personality and adventuresome spirit since the Barred Rocks came to live with us.  She was no longer the top hen in the flock and I think she was suffering a blow to her little ego that lead her to spend too much time in the coop and not enough time in the sunlight.

She also wasn't laying ... so off she went to eat someone else's feed.

The Barred Rocks are laying, so they are staying.

That is the cycle here at Treehouse Eggs.  If you lay, you get to stay.  With a family that eats almost a dozen eggs for each breakfast sitting everyone has to do their share including the hens.


  1. I think it's so fun that you have hens! Emily would just love that so much. Such a great educational opportunity for the boys as well as teaching responsibility and frugality.


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