First Day

Today is the first day of school for us.  I always get a little weepy eyed when one of the boys starts Kindergarten and this year it is HoneyBunny's turn.  He put on a brave face, let me take lots of pictures and then walked bravely into his classroom.

After everyone had put away their backpacks, lunches and snacks they settled down into their classrooms.  I arrived at HoneyBunny's classroom just in time for the traditional "wave good-bye to all the parents" and snapped one final picture.  His little face lit up when he saw that I was there with all the other parents.

I then took a few quick steps down the hall to LoveBug's classroom to peak in on him.  I found him already setting at his desk with pencil to paper - now, that teacher doesn't mess around!  He looked over his shoulder and shot me one of his famous killer smiles before getting back to work.

SugarBear is growing up so fast.  He is in middle school now and beyond the age where it is appropriate for Mommy to take pictures.  He was a good sport and posed with his younger brothers in front of the school sign, but then ran off to join his classmate up on the hill.  They have a full day of middle school orientation before getting to work and rotating through their classes tomorrow.

Now it is just JellyBean and I at home.  He is in pre-kindergarten this year 3 days a week because I knew he would be lonely without any siblings at home to play with during the day. Next year he will be in junior kindergarten and then it will be off to kindergarten for him too.