Treehouse Eggs

I had mentioned that we were working on our chicken coop and yard in a previous post and I still intend to fill you in on the details, but we finished it yesterday.  Not wanting to wait even a day the boys convinced us to go pick up the girls yesterday evening.  As it turns out picking up hens during the night while they are asleep makes them much easier to transport, but boy were they confused this morning.

I'll post a few picks of the girls later.  We have 7 Rhode Island Reds, 2 Black Sussex and 1 Polish in our flock of 10 hens.  We have enough room for more, but thought we would start with something more managable.  I was a bit worried about the girls this morning because when we opened their door to let them out they didn't move from their roosts.  In fact, we watched from the deck while enjoying our morning coffee and only one hen stuck her head out to only duck back in just a quickly.

We were out most of the day running those typical Saturday errands and all had weighed in on whether we expected the girls to be out in their yard or not when we got home.  I voted, "not likely to see them out for a week or so", only to be proven wrong by our girls.  They were all out in the yard clucking and scratching away.  Dare we check for eggs?  We shall.  We were rewarded with 7 eggs on their first day in their new home.  

It is not the best picture, but the eggs are all lovely shades of brown.