Through Their Eyes Thursday

A little background ...
If you have been reading our blog lately then you will know that GiggleBox (our godson) spent the last 3 weeks with us.  He spent the first 7 months of his life with us as our foster son and we had adjusted to being a family with 5 children during that time, so it is relatively easy to slip back into that role when we are fortunate enough to have him visit.  (His Dad is really great to let him visit us.  We are truly blessed by the relationship we share.)

Through their eyes ...
As SugarBear listened to his Daddy tell a story about a family with 4 children and a rather minor challenge they were experimenting with overcoming in some unique ways he absently commented, "Amateurs."

His Dad and I stopped mid-sentence to stare at him.  He didn't say anything further, but we all burst into laughter after our silent moment when we looked around the table to see all 5 boys engaged in various stages of eating breakfast.  Over our years of parenting our birth child, our foster children and our adopted children SugarBear has been exposed to a lot.  It is always amazing to see what he absorbs and what just rolls off.


  1. Sugarbear is an amazing kid! He is so strong and mature, and has an incredible love for others, even from a young age. No doubt God made him that way in preparation for all that would come his way. It's been a true blessing to know him.


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