On the road ... the way back home

We will be home again tomorrow.  Along the way Daddy came to spend a few days with us and find out just how you get 7 people and their luggage into a SUV to drive across state lines.  Everything has it's place and everything must be in it's place for it to work.  I planned around it all except Daddy himself.  He didn't have a place to sit.

Actually, we had decided late in our trip to take GiggleBox on to see the Grandparents with us and GiggleBox had taken Daddy's place in the car.  With a little moving stuff around and filling all the gaps I found room for everyone and all of our stuff.

We dropped GiggleBox off with his Dad and I am happy to report that the little guy was delighted to be back home.  His big brothers had missed him and were happy to have him home too.  With one person less (along with his stuff which took up more space that anyone else's stuff) we were a lot more comfortable for our trip to Nana's house.  We arrived at Nana's house late on Saturday, but that had been the plan after stopping along the way at our favorite burger place.   Our goal had been to get to Nana's house in time to go to church with her on Sunday morning and we made that by about 12 hours.

Daddy and SugarBear had to fly out later Sunday evening to get SugarBear home in time for his lacrosse camp.  With only 3 boys in the car and at Nana's house it was almost boring (not really - our kids never have a boring moment).  You would think we would have lounged around the house and gone outside to play (107 degrees - ouch!), but no.  We got back in the car and drove to visit an aquarium where we watched the aquarium staff feed the sharks and tropical reef fish.  Next, the boys enjoyed feeding the sting rays and turtles.  On our return trip to Nana's house the boys (and Nana) were exhausted, but happy.

We are now half way home and spending the night in a hotel.  I must admit sharing a room with 3 little boys is easier than sharing a room with 5 little boys, but I miss SugarBear and GiggleBox.  What I don't miss are all the pallets on the floor that made navigating my way to the restroom in the middle of the night more than a little dangerous.