On the road ... visiting my friends

One of the reasons it was hard to leave home was because I would be leaving my friends and my children would be moving away from their friends too.  While we have been on the road we have stopped to see a few and I have realized that I missed them even more that I thought I did.

Our little LoveBug got to have his first sleepover with a good friend of mine (and her son).  She is a former foster parent and has has many similar parenting experiences and I knew I could trust her to manage LoveBug in the same firm and loving way that I would.  He had a wonderful time staying up late, eating popcorn and building a play fort.  He was completely exhausted the next day and even asked to take a nap.  He achieved a milestone in growing up and can now move on to other sleepovers knowing what to expect.

SugarBear was able to fit in many, many play dates and a sleepover.  He seems full again.  He really needed some time with his friends to fill his little tank.  He has had many of these friends since Kindergarten and moving away from they left him afloat without an anchor.  I know that as he grows up he will have friends come and go, but I really think that he will be close to a few of these boys all his life.

As for me, I wasn't able to see everyone I wanted to see, but I have the luxury of being able to call many of my friends, read their blogs and await their emails to stay in touch.  I was able to see one friend that God placed into my life only a few years before we moved away.  Somehow she understands my heart and what drives me.  I can be COMPLETELY honest with her about things that matter:  family, adoption, special needs kids, meds, church and my dreams for my children.  She doesn't read my blog, so she won't see this little note.  I needed the time I spent with her and her family.  We created a new normal when we became foster parents and then adopted LoveBug, HoneyBear and JellyBean.   She reinforces that it is "normal".