On the road ... leaving Dad at home to work

When we left our house a week ago we left Dad at home to work and he did exactly that ... work, work and work.  Of course he worked on things related to his job, but he also worked around the house.

Every time I would talk to him he was busy doing chores around the house.  The boys and I had been making piles of slash around our property, but we couldn't get it all over to the trailer to load up.  He got it all loaded in between conference calls and proposals.  When he was finished with that he moved on to other projects around the house and then down to the barn.

At the barn we have been converting one of our stalls into a chicken coop to have farm fresh eggs and to teach the children where their food comes from other than the grocery store.  (We will save the coop for another blog topic)  He has all of the work done that he could do without assistance and we will be ready for our hens (no rooster) soon after we get home from our travels.


  1. I can't wait to hear about the coop! I would love some farm fresh eggs. Once again, this sounds like the perfect place to live and raise a family of kids! What an educational experience wrapped up in a whole lot of fun :)


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