On the road ... Home

Dorthy had it right in the Wizard of Oz,  "there's no place like home".

JellyBean, HoneyBunny, LoveBug and I started out (somewhat) early this morning and after 2 stops for gas, 1 potty stop and almost 7 hours in the car (just today) we are home!  My darling husband had cleaned the house which included vacuuming the floors in anticipation of our arrival.  He even took 2 of our dogs to be groomed yesterday, so we could snuggle with them tonight while relaxing together.

He may have had a difficult time convincing me to move to the mountains, but I would like to see him try to take me away from them now.  I love it here.  The roads out to our house are a bit of a twisty, up and down jaunt over and around the mountains that give us ample opportunities for wildlife viewing.  Today we were rewarded with two separate deer sitings.  Did I mention it is good to be home?  We almost missed them though because the lush meadow is over 4' high.  We have had an unusually wet summer which has given rise to an inspiring crop of wildflowers.

As soon as I pulled into the driveway I checked the outdoor temperature and was relieved to see 68 degrees register instead of the triple digits we had become accustomed to seeing and feeling.  I had suggested to the boys that they should go play in their playroom while I made us a snack, but they wanted to stay outside and play since if felt so nice.  Of course they were right to want to enjoy the reminder of the day and the tennis court was soon full of bicycles, scooters and lacrosse sticks.  I love my boys and the joy they find in playing.


  1. I didn't realize you had a tennis court! I bet that is a perfect spot for playing with scooters and such! I'm so jealous of the 68 degrees! Sounds beautiful :)


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