A New Nickname

Please join me in welcoming GiggleBox to our little family blog.  He has been a part of our family in one way or another for a little over 18 months.

He joined our family as a not quite 3 day old baby and then rejoined his birth family a little over a year ago after spending 7 months with us.  When he went home I celebrated with his birth family while my heart broke because I missed the baby that I loved so much.  Less than a month after he went to live with his Dad we were blessed to be asked by GiggleBox's Dad to consider being his godparents.  We prayed about it then we accepted the invitation and became an extended part if their family.

When we all lived close to one another we saw them often and even had GiggleBox back at our home to spend a week or so a few times.  That separation has been one of the hardest parts of our "big move" to another state.  Since my darling husband travels so often for work he has been able to continue to visit GiggleBox's family from time to time.  Last week when he stopped by to see them he also picked up a little surprise for our family ... GiggleBox.

GiggleBox took his first flight (First Class, of course) last Friday and came to spend a few weeks with us.  I managed to keep the "surprise" a secret from the kids and they had a lot of fun guessing what Daddy was bringing home for them.  The only hint I gave them was that it was a "little surprise".  GiggleBox is still "little" compared to all of them after all.

They guessed everything from a lollipop to a new sister.  This last guess was the source of some great entertainment for the cashier at Target, but our kids think it really is just that easy to add to the family.  Why wouldn't they think that since as foster parents we once met a caseworker in the parking lot of the Container Store to pick up a new placement.  I managed to convince them that the surprise was definitely not a sister, but they were clearly disappointed until I reminded them that Daddy might still be bringing home a lollipop.

When Daddy got home they all ran out to meet him and then ran back in the house all screaming, "Daddy brought us [GiggleBox]".  We had to explain that it is only for a few weeks.  Just a vacation for GiggleBox (and his Dad), but we are delighted by the time we do get to spend together and the generosity of GiggleBox's Dad being willing to share his son with us still.

Now, why GiggleBox?  This little boy is a force of happiness and laughter.  His giggle is infectious.  I'll try to get an audio clip of it later, so you can be infected as well.


  1. Catching up..what a special treat to spend that time with him! Such a blessing to still have that relationship with him and his dad.


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