Wind Power

The cabinets are installed and the washer and dryer fit through all the doors to arrive in their new destination downstairs.  However, it looks like another trip to the laundromat is pending.  Not only did JellyBean have an accident during nap time (which NEVER happens), but the electrician forgot to instal the 220 outlet needed for the dryer.

The washer works, so I washed the sheets at home and then draped them over the barstools to see what would happen.  The kids thought I had made a tent - not a bad idea, but not what I was doing this time.  The good news is that the air at 7400 feet is dry.  We we woke up this morning to sheets that had dried overnight.  One crisis averted and a potential way to save electricity discovered.  I may be stringing up a line and investing in some clothes pins soon.