Snacks and Southern Hospitality

We had some neighbors over for dinner a few nights ago and one of them left her dish with the rest of the chocolate chip cookies to allow us to finish them off.  Well that took all of 5 minutes and now I need to return her dish.  However, being raised a certain way teaches us that we should never return an empty dish.

My Darling had the bright idea of filling it with easy snacks.  His suggestion was Puppy Chow. No, not the actual dog food.  It is a blend of Chex Rice cereal, melted better, peanut butter and semi-sweet chocolate chips that is coated with powdered sugar.

Our kids love it and so do we.  It is more of a dessert than a snack food, but kept in small portions and made with organic products it tastes too good to pass up.

HoneyBunny was about to explode waiting to have his "snack" until after I took the picture. Lucky for you he as learned a thing or two about patience.

Personally, although I love the Puppy Chow I like to pair my sweet snacks with a spicy/salty snack.  I thought the idea of making a Spicy Chex Mix to include next to the Puppy Chow would be a great balance.

I experimented a little with combining a few different recipes and ended up with a great mix.  I substitute pretzel fish for pretzels and sprinkle the whole mixture with dried chipotle peppers and parmesan cheese while it finishes setting up.