Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is just what it says ... pressure.  Firm, consistent pressure that is constantly trying to wipe you off your feet.

When we added on our new courtyard we had it tied into the existing patio and used the same type of flagstone.  The original patio was probably built near the time the home was built in 1954, so as you can imagine it didn't match perfectly.

The stone mason that built the new courtyard suggested that we try pressure washing the old flagstone to get it to match better.  I checked into renting a power washer, but to clean all the square footage we have it was cheaper to buy one.  For Father's Day my Darling received a brand new pressure washer (along with a few other things).  Today I opened it up, added the detergent, put on my rain boots and tried it out.  Guess what?  It is some seriously hard work.

They don't match yet, but we are well on our way to a smoother transition from new to old.  As soon as my arms recover I will be doing it again.  After that I have the deck to do.

The pine pollen left a fine yellow dust over the entire thing.  Maybe one of the kids will tell me they are bored between now and then.  I've found they are not "bored" nearly as often now that we have moved to the mountains.  I'm sure that is because when I hear "I'm bored, Mom"my brain automatically translates it to "I need chores, Mom".