One of "those" dog owners

It's official ... I'm one of "those" dog owners.  The type that I used to shake my head at and wonder what they were thinking.  I usually summed it up to an excessive amount of free time or an insufficient number of off-spring.  I promise neither of those is true of me.

Our little Rocky hasn't been feeling well lately and yesterday he started refusing to eat.  I took him in to see the vet ($$$) and came home with 2 prescriptions and 1 over-the-counter antacid.  As if that isn't enough the vet recommended an easy to digest diet that is high in protein and carbs.  There is a canned dog food that would have suited the bill, but it is expensive.  I now find myself being one of "those" pet owners that is making our pet homemade food.  Some meals he may actually eat better than my human children.

When I walk over to the stove he has actually started doing a little doggie dance awaiting his boiled chicken and rice.  I must admit I really kind of like it.  At least someone is excited about eating a nutritious meal.


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