Is it right?

I'm always looking for little jewels that I can use as a parent and I ran across one yesterday.

"Is it right?"

Isn't that simple?  Imagine this scene:  Little Franky and Little Sammy run into the room to tell their parents that Franky hit Sammy.  Dad looks at Franky and asks, "Did you hit him?". Franky replies, "Yes, but he ...", but Dad interrupts and said "I didn't ask if you had a motivation or reason.  I asked if you hit him."  Franky hangs his head and says, "Yes."  Dad replies, "Was it right?"

The rest of the statement goes:  "Right is always right.  Wrong is always wrong and wrong is never right".  It isn't bad advice for adults either.  I can only imagine how those around me would benefit if I had that filter on all my words and actions.

Credit for the statement goes to our pastor and his family.  His children are now grown, but he passed along this jewel to those of us parenting tomorrow's leaders.  All parents know that the story doesn't end there and that Franky and Sammy will keep arguing.  What I liked about the statement is that it leads us back to think "Is it right?" which isn't far from "Is it Holy".

Holiness is our goal, right?  I once had a good friend ask me a very important question during a dark time in my life.  She asked me, "What in your life is Holy?"  I had a difficult time coming up with an answer that day and I've never wanted to struggle for an answer to that question again.

"Make every effort to live in peace with everyone and to be holy; without holiness no one will see the Lord."   Hebrews 12:14 (NIV)