Farm Fresh Eggs

Farm fresh eggs really are better.

They are more nutritious, but truly how nutritious depends on what the hens are eating.  One thing is for sure; they taste better than those purchased in the store.

We picked up two dozen eggs at the Farmer's Market earlier this week and the kids couldn't wait to have them, so we had our favorite dinner that night.  Breakfast for Dinner.  Next up in the line-up is their second favorite egg side dish:  Deviled Eggs.

(note: one of the eggs is a regular boiled egg for my little SPD kiddo who is more picky about the "texture" of his food)

Deviled Eggs are so easy to make that I really should do it more often.
1.  Boil the eggs  (I only did 6 eggs today)
2.  Let them cool
3.  Peel the shells (the fresher the egg the easier they are to peel)
4.  Cut the eggs in half lengthwise

5.  Pop the yolks into a sandwich baggie

6.  Spoon in some dill pickle relish (1T)
7.  Spoon in some mayo (2T)
8.  Squirt in some mustard (2 T)
9.  Seal the sandwich bag
10.  Using you hands on the outside of the sandwich bag squish everything together until mixed well
11.  Trim off one of the lower corners (looks a little like a icing piping bag)

12.  Squeeze out the yolk filling into each egg white well
(it is harder than you would think to squeeze a baggie and take a picture at the same time)

13.  Watch as they disappear before even making it to the dinner table